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Friday, November 23, 2012

Data Partition in AX2012 R2

AX2012 R2
AX2012 R2 release extends the concept of sharing data and processes across legal entities to streamline business processes and simplify the management of 'master data'.

AX2012 R2 release can support 36 country versions in one single installation of Dynamics AX2012, international companies that are represented in many countries to increase IT and operational efficiency. You can support all divisions in one installation, and it is the precondition to share master data and efficiently manage 'master data'.

Data partitioning
Data Partitioning can provide efficiency gains, because installation and system data is still shared.And data partitioning makes it possible to divide the application data into partitions of organizations.You will be able to share application data and processes between organizations within a partition, but not across .
Please see the below figure to understand the datapartitioning.

Please see the  below installation types for AX2012R2-

A single installation
A single installation of partitioning
Several installations
Application data and processes
Shared between legal entities
Shared between legal entities within a partition. Isolated between legal entities in different partitions
Shared between legal entities in the same installation. Isolated between installations
Master Data Management
Global master data shared between legal entities
Global master data shared between legal entities within a partition
Global master data shared between legal entities within the installation. Isolated between installations.
Meta data and adjustments
Applies to all entities
Applies to all entities
Unique for each installation
IT infrastructure
A data partition helps sharing the Ax install base but not the data.
There can be companies with the same name in multiple partitions.

E.g Every partition will have the default company ‘DAT’.
- Intercompany doesn’t work across partitions
Mircosoft Recommends: Implementation choice must be made carefully as the companies between two partitions cannot be merged and Intercompany features cannot be used. The only option is to use Data migration tool kit for data export import between partitions and AIF for inter company operations.
A new partition table is introduced with a Key and the Recid field
- There is a new field called ‘PartitionRecid’ in everytable and as the dataareaid was by default applied to all contexts(Forms
queries) the partition key will also be added.

Select * from custTable where data areaid = ‘Dat’ and Partion key = ‘Initial’
- No cross company query on partitions are allowed like the cross company query
- You can know the current partition through ‘getcurrentpartitionrecid()’ similar to ‘curext()’
- Batch servers work across partitions
- AIF works across partitions
New table property like “SaveDataPerPartition” has been introduced as like “SaveDataPerCompany”. 
So for AIF, Batch tables – Save data per partition is set to “No”,because those are shared across partitions.

so get ready folks for AX2012 R2.

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