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Friday, November 9, 2012

AX2012 Build using TFS Version Control System

Create a build when AX2012 integrated with TFS .

The version control system contains .xpo files and not a model file, a build process is required
to generate the model file from the .xpo files. The following procedure provides a high-level overview
of the build process:

1. Use the CombineXPOs command-line utility to combine all .xpo files into one. This step makes
the .xpo file consumable by Microsoft Dynamics AX. Microsoft Dynamics AX requires all
referenced elements to be present in the .xpo file or to already exist in the AOT to maintain
the references during import.

2. Import the new .xpo file by using the command-line parameter -AOTIMPORTFILE=<FileName.
xpo> -MODEL=<Model Name> to Ax32.exe. This step imports the .xpo file and compiles
everything. After this step is complete, the new model is ready in the model store.

3. Export the model to a file by using the axutil command-line utility: axutil export /
model:<model name> /file:<model file name>.
As I explained in my previous post how to export and import Models

4. Follow these steps for each layer and each model that you build.

The build process doesn’t apply to MorphX VCS.

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  1. Hi krish,

    I want to install AX 2009 in my PC for practice.
    Please guide me how to install AX 2009 to windows 7
    with no domain account.

    Deepak S


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