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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

AX2012 Methods on Queries and Forms Cannot Compile to CIL

Classes, tables, and enums are types in the X++ language. X++ types can be compiled to CIL. The queries and forms in the AOT are not X++ types, and they cannot be compiled to CIL. This means there are a few minor cases where calls from CIL to X++ p-code can cause an exception.

Suppose a method that is running as CIL calls a method on a query. The query method calls the ClassFactory system class of Microsoft Dynamics AX. This case causes an exception to be thrown. The problem is that the CIL session does not have access to all the system classes, yet the query method makes a call to a system class.

X++ Functions that are Not Supported in CIL
X++ language functions that run strings of dynamically written X++ code are not supported when compiled to CIL. The following X++ functions are not supported when compiled to CIL:
  • evalbuf
  • runbuf

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