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Monday, April 23, 2012

Ax2012 Replace financial Dimensions

This sample code is used to replace the Organization value based on the selection of department dimension.

Req:- Dimension Department inheritance.
when we select the department we have to select the default organization.

Before doing this sample, I build one form which will loads the Department and organization and user will select the department dimension and default organization for that department.
Dept    organization
600     roskilds
650    kildemos

static DimensionAttributeValueCombination Krishh_ReplaceLedgerDimensions(LedgerDimensionAccount targetDimension)
    DimensionSHA1Hash               hash; //To store the calculated hash for DimensionAttributeValueSet
    HashKey                         valueKeyHashArray[]; //To store the has key of dimension in question
    Map                             dimAttrIdx, dimAttrRecId; //to store the dimension index and backing entity type
    DimensionAttributeSetItem       dimAttrSetItem; // Contains the number of dimensions active for a account structure ledger
    DimensionAttribute              dimAttr,dimAttrNew; // Contains the financial dimensions records
    DimensionAttributeValue         dimAttrValue; // Contains used financial dimension values
    DimensionAttributeValueSet      dimAttrValueSet; //Contains default dimension records
    DimensionAttributeValueSetItem  dimAttrValueSetItem; //Contains individual records for default dimensions
    DimensionEnumeration            dimensionSetId; //Record id for table that contains active dimensions for current ledger
   // LedgerDimensionAccount          targetDimension = 5637151382; //Record Id DimensionAttributeValueCombination table in which attribute value is to be replaced
    LedgerDimensionAccount          ledgerDimension; // To hold the resultant DimensionAttributeValueCombination record id
    LedgerDimensionAccount          mainAccDimension; // Record id for LedgerDimension(DimensionAttributeValueCombination) containing default account for main account RecId
    DimensionStorage                dimensionStorage; // Class Dimension storage is used to store and manipulate the values of combination
    DimensionStorageSegment         segment; // Class DimensionStorageSegment will get specfic segments based on hierarchies
    DimAttributeProjTable           dimAttributeProjTable;

    DimensionFinancialTag           financialTag;

    int     segmentCount, segmentIndex;
    int     hierarchyCount, hierarchyIndex;
    SysDim  segmentValue, mainAccountValue;
    int     dimAttrCount, i;
    int     OrgBackEntityType; //Stores the backing entity type for Employee type dimension
    str     valueStrArray[]; //To store the dimension attribute values
    int64   valueKeyArray[]; //To store the record ids of DimensionAtrributeValue table
    int     backingEntityInstance;

    str     segmentName;// get the segment name ex: get the Department
    Department departmentValue;
    Organisation organizatioValue;


    //The  backing entity will be Financial Tag
    OrgBackEntityType = tableNum(DimensionFinancialTag);

    //Initialize the map to store the backing entity types
    dimAttrIdx = new Map(Types::Integer, Types::Integer);
    dimAttrRecId = new Map(Types::Integer, Types::Int64);

    //Get the record Id (dimension set id) for current ledger to find active dimensions
    dimensionSetId = DimensionCache::getDimensionAttributeSetForLedger();

    //Find all the active dimensions for current ledger except main account and store there
    //backing entity type in the map
    while select * from dimAttr
            order by Name
            where dimAttr.Type != DimensionAttributeType::MainAccount
        join RecId from dimAttrSetItem
            where dimAttrSetItem.DimensionAttribute == dimAttr.RecId &&
                dimAttrSetItem.DimensionAttributeSet == dimensionSetId

        dimAttrIdx.insert(dimAttr.BackingEntityType, dimAttrCount);
        dimAttrRecId.insert(dimAttr.BackingEntityType, dimAttr.RecId);

    //initialize hash key array to null
    for (i = 1; i<= dimAttrCount; i++)
        valueKeyHashArray[i] = emptyGuid();
        valueStrArray[i] = '';
        valueKeyArray[i] = 0;

    // Default hash key array with required dimension value
    // Get dimension storage
    dimensionStorage = DimensionStorage::findById(targetDimension);
    if (dimensionStorage == null)
        throw error("@SYS83964");

    // Get hierarchy count
    hierarchyCount = dimensionStorage.hierarchyCount();
    //Loop through hierarchies to get individual segments
    for(hierarchyIndex = 1; hierarchyIndex <= hierarchyCount; hierarchyIndex++)
        //Get segment count for hierarchy
        segmentCount = dimensionStorage.segmentCountForHierarchy(hierarchyIndex);

        //Loop through segments and display required values
        for (segmentIndex = 1; segmentIndex <= segmentCount; segmentIndex++)
            // Get segment
            segment = dimensionStorage.getSegmentForHierarchy(hierarchyIndex, segmentIndex);

            // Get the segment information
            if (segment.parmDimensionAttributeValueId() != 0)

                //Get the backing entity type;
                backingEntityInstance = DimensionAttribute::find(DimensionAttributeValue::find(segment.parmDimensionAttributeValueId()).DimensionAttribute).BackingEntityType;
                segmentName = DimensionAttribute::find(DimensionAttributeValue::find(segment.parmDimensionAttributeValueId()).DimensionAttribute).Name;

                if (backingEntityInstance == tableNum(DimAttributeMainAccount))
                    mainAccountValue = segment.parmDisplayValue();


                if (dimAttrIdx.exists(backingEntityInstance))
                    i = dimAttrIdx.lookup(backingEntityInstance);
                    valueKeyHashArray[i]    = segment.parmHashKey();
                    valueKeyArray[i]        = segment.parmDimensionAttributeValueId();
                    valueStrArray[i]        = segment.parmDisplayValue();


    //Find the Dimension attribute record for the dimension to work on, in our case it is HcmWorker

    select firstonly
    dimAttr = dimAttrNew;

 // store the Organization value for the Department and loads the Organization based on the selection of department in the General Journal   organizatioValue=DefaultOrganisationValues::findbyDepartmentOrganizations(departmentValue).Organisation;

    select firstonly financialTag where financialTag.Value==organizatioValue;

    //Find the required Dimension Attribute Value record
    //Create if necessary
    dimAttrValue = DimensionAttributeValue::findByDimensionAttributeAndEntityInst(dimAttr.RecId, financialTag.RecId, false, true);

    //Replace the required combination hash keys and other value arrays
    i = dimAttrIdx.lookup(OrgBackEntityType);
    valueKeyHashArray[i]    = dimAttrValue.HashKey;
    valueStrArray[i]        = dimAttributeProjTable.Value;
    valueKeyArray[i]        = dimAttrValue.RecId;

    //Calculate the hash for the current values
    hash = DimensionAttributeValueSetStorage::getHashFromArray(valueKeyHashArray, dimAttrCount);

    //Null hash indicates no values exist, which may occur if the user entered an invalid value for one dimension attribute
    if (hash == conNull())
        throw error("Wrong value for Organization Dimension");

    // Search for existing value set
    dimAttrValueSet = DimensionAttributeValueSet::findByHash(hash);

   // This value set does not exist, so it must be persisted
    if (!dimAttrValueSet)

        // Insert the value set with appropriate hash
        dimAttrValueSet.Hash = hash;

        // Insert only specified set items use this
        for (i = 1; i <= dimAttrCount; i++)
            if (valueKeyArray[i] != 0)
                dimAttrValueSetItem.DimensionAttributeValueSet = dimAttrValueSet.RecId;
                dimAttrValueSetItem.DimensionAttributeValue = valueKeyArray[i];
                dimAttrValueSetItem.DisplayValue = valueStrArray[i];


    // Get the default account for main account
    mainAccDimension = DimensionStorage::getDefaultAccountForMainAccountNum(mainAccountValue);

    //Find or create the LedgerDimension record for required combination
    ledgerDimension = DimensionDefaultingService::serviceCreateLedgerDimension(

   // info(strFmt("Original %1: %2", targetDimension, DimensionAttributeValueCombination::find(targetDimension).DisplayValue));
    //info(strFmt("Replaced %1: %2", ledgerDimension, DimensionAttributeValueCombination::find(ledgerDimension).DisplayValue));
    return DimensionAttributeValueCombination::find(ledgerDimension);

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