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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Microsoft Dynamics ERP'S Blog: Dynamics AX Version & Their Build Information

WAQAS BUTT - Microsoft Dynamics ERP'S Blog: Dynamics AX Version & Their Build Information: Dynamics here are the details of Dynamics AX version & their respective build information Dynamics AX 2012 Version ...


  1. Hi Sir am very new to Dynamics 2012...
    i want to show a display method in ssrs where to write the display method and how to call it..........can u explain me some simple display method


  2. Hi Abhisek,
    If you want to use display method in the SSRS Report, then the report should be the type of Query where you will you will have created the Query and while building the Dataset of that query it will show you the all display methods of that respective tables, where you can select the display method with the fields and build the dataset and create your precesion design.

    IF you are using the report with the ReportProvider type then in your tmpTable you have to create the field and in the DP class you have to assign the value for that field and in the design you can use that field.

    I hope this answer will help, if not please let me know, I will create one post with one sample of creating the report with the query and display method.

  3. Hai Krishna,

    Can u explain the difference between query and rdp classes and when we use query and rdp according to the task

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. Hi Pavan,
      When we don't have any business logic, or calculation fields normally we can create the query with the fields that we required in the report and show the report.

      RDP we will have the businesslogic and we will have the different data for different types of calls
      for ex:- we will you invoice report and the same report will use for creditnote as well...and we can have the business logic and calculation of fields based on the selection of type of report..etc...

      hope you understand now.


  4. How to Import Master table data from xl file to dynamics ax 2012?

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  6. Hi Krishna,

    In Transfer Order shipment report i made some changes. From and TOaddress is working properly when i run the report from admin account but When I run the report as user which is assigned few roles, the address is not displaying in the report. Actually this adress comes from InventTransferjour Table fromaddress(), toaddress() methods. what could be the possible reason for this, is it related to some Security roles or something else?? The address getting populated fine into Transfer order shipment form.

  7. Hi,

    From Address and to address in Transfer Order Report.When I run the report with admin account its showing the address properly but when I run the report with some other user account which dont have admin rights the address are not displaying.

    This adress comes from fromaddress() , toaddress() methods(standard) of InventTransferJour Table.

    What could be the possible reason for this??

    Thanks in Advance.

  8. Here is a challenging situation that we face with SSRS reports.

    We have two tablix groups placed inside a list. The list gets printed for every customer. One group inside specifies all the transactions related to the customer and the other specifies all the address from the customer.

    1. What the client want's is when the group extends beyond the first page the group header must be like "..Continued customer transactions" and so.

    2. When ever the customer id changes the page number must be reset to 1.

    So far i have explored various methods. I see that SSRS 2008 R2 supports a Page reset option at group level but that is not available for AX SSRS.

    I'm wondering if anybody has already faced a situation similar to this. Any help is much appreciated.



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