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Friday, September 16, 2011

AX2012 QueryFilter Class

The following X++ code example uses the QueryFilter class to filter the result set from an outer join.

The QrySalesAndLines query joins the parent and child tables on an equality test between parent's primary key field and child's foreign key field. The following job adds another join filter criteria which tests whether the Quantity field equals 66.

static void krishh_QueryFilter(Args _args)
    Query query2;
    QueryBuildDataSource qbDataSource3;
    QueryRun queryRun4;
    // Ax2012 class
    QueryFilter qFilter7;
    SalesOrder recSalesOrder;
    SalesOrderLine recSalesOrderLine;
    struct struct5;
    struct5 = new struct
        ("int SalesOrderID;"
        + "date DateAdded;"
        + "str SalesOrderLineID;"
        + "int Quantity"
    query2 = new Query("QrySalesAndLines");
    qbDataSource3 = query2.dataSourceName("SalesOrderLine_1");
    qFilter7 = query2.addQueryFilter(qbDataSource3, "Quantity");
    queryRun4 = new QueryRun(query2);
    while (
        recSalesOrder = queryRun4.getNo(1);
        recSalesOrderLine = queryRun4.getNo(2);
        struct5.value("SalesOrderID", recSalesOrder.SalesOrderID);
        struct5.value("DateAdded", recSalesOrder.DateAdded);
        struct5.value("SalesOrderLineID", recSalesOrderLine.SalesOrderLineID);
        struct5.value("Quantity", recSalesOrderLine.Quantity);

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